Editorial Board

Associate Editors
  • Tsong-Long Hwang, PhD
    College of Human Ecology, Chang Gung University of Science and Technology, 259 Wen-Hwa 1st Road, Kweishan, Taoyuan 333, Taiwan,Graduate Institute of Natural Products, College of Medicine, Chang Gung University, 259 Wen-Hwa 1st Road, Kweishan, Taoyuan 333, Taiwan
    Interests: Inflammopharmacology; Innate immunity; Signal transduction; Phytomedicine; Drug discovery
  • Yehia Mechref, MD
    Paul W. Horn Distinguished Professor; Associate Vice President for Research and Innovation; Director, TTU Center for Biotechnology & Genomics; d Biochemistry, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX 79409, USA
    Interests: Analytical; Bioanalytical; Chemical separation; Glycomics; Glycoproeomics/proteomics
Editorial Board Members
  • Agostinho Antunes, PhD
    CIIMAR/CIMAR, Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research, University of Porto, Terminal de Cruzeiros do Porto de Leixões, Av. General Norton de Matos, s/n, 4450-208 Porto, Portugal; Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto, Rua do Campo Alegre, 4169-007 Porto, Portugal
    Interests: Evolutionary Genomics; Microbial Genomics; Toxicogenomics; Conservation Genomics; Bioinformatics; Biotechnology
  • Elisa Belluzzi, PhD
    Department of Surgery, Oncology and Gastroenterology, University of Padova, Padova, Italy; Musculoskeletal pathology and Oncology Laboratory, Department of Surgery, Oncology and Gastroenterology, University of Padova, Padova, Italy
    Interests: Musculoskeletal Diseases; Biomarkers; Bone Cancer; Chondrosarcoma; Osteoarthritis; Inflammation; Aging; Infrapatellar Fat Pad; Meniscus; Cartilage; Synovial Membrane; Synovial Fluid
  • Ozal Beylerli, MD, PhD
    Educational and Scientific Institute of Neurosurgery, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russia
    Interests: neurosurgery; neurology; healthcare organization; biomedical materials; information technologies in medicine
  • Mihail Lucian Birsa, PhD
    Department of Chemistry, Al.I. Cuza University of Iasi, 11 Carol I, Iasi, Romania
    Interests: organic synthesis; drug design and development; sulfur compounds; cyclophanes; flavonoids; acetylenes; allenes
  • Luciana Caenazzo, PhD
    Department of Cardiac, Thoracic, Vascular Sciences and Public Health, Forensic Genetics Laboratory, University of Padova, Padova, Italy
    Interests: clinical genetics; molecular diagnostic; molecular analysis (DNA and mRNA) applied to human identification
  • Jose A Caparros-Martin, PhD
    Wal-yan Respiratory Research Centre, Telethon Kids Institute, Perth, Western Australia, Australia
    Interests: host–microbiota interaction; gut–lung axis
  • Emanuele Luigi Carniel, PhD
    Head of the Centre for Mechanics of Biological Materials, University of Padova, 35122 Padova PD, Italy
    Interests: Mechanical functionality of biological Tissues and structures
  • Samuela Cataldi, PhD
    Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Perugia, 06126 Perugia, Italy
    Interests: Lipid metabolism; Cell signaling; Vitamin D; Cancer; Neurodegeneration; Exosomes
  • Luigi Cipolloni, MD, PhD
    Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Section of Forensic Medicine, University of Foggia, 71122 Foggia FG, Italy
    Interests: Forensic Pathology; Forensic Histopathology
  • Vincent Courdavault, PhD
    EA2106 Plant Biocompounds and biotechnology (BBV), Université de Tours, Tours, France
    Interests: natural products; metabolic engineering; alkaloids; pathway elucidation; protein subcellular localization
  • Alessandro Delitala, MD
    Department of Medical, Surgical and Experimental Sciences, University of Sassari, Sassari 07100, Italy.
    Interests: Thyroid disorders; Subclinical hypothyroidism; Subclinical hyperthyroidism; Cardiovascular disease; Pulse wave velocity
  • Pierre Devaux, MD
    Florimond-Desprez—Recherche & Innovation, 3 rue Florimond Desprez, POB 41, 59242 Cappelle-en-Pévèle, France
    Interests: Plant Breeding; Biotechnology; Applied Genetics; Omics; Molecular Markers; Doubled Haploidy; Genomic Selection; Marker-assisted Selection; Genome Editing; In vitro Culture
  • Graziana Digiacomo, PhD
    Department of Medicine and Surgery, University of Parma, Parma, Italy
    Interests: Cell Culture; Oncology; Molecular and Cell Biology; Signaling Pathways; Hepatocarcinoma; Lung Cancer; CDK4/6-Inhibitors; Macrophages; Angiogenesis; Cell Migration and Invasion; Target Therapy; Western Blot Analysis; Gene Expression
  • Qingping Dou, PhD
    Departments of Oncology, Pharmacology and Pathology, School of Medicine, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, USA
    Interests: Molecular targeting; Cancer prevention; Drug discovery; Ubiquitin-proteasome pathways; Proteasome inhibitors; Natural products; Signaling; Therapeutics
  • Thomas Efferth, MD
    Department of Pharmaceutical Biology, Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany
    Interests: Natural Products; Transcriptomics; Network Pharmacology; Personalized Medicine; Virtual Drug Screening
  • Richard H.W. Funk, PhD
    Medical Faculty Carl Gustav Carus, Institute of Anatomy, University of Technology (TU) Dresden, 01307 Dresden, Germany
    Interests: Anatomy; Physiology; Biophysics
  • Piergiorgio Gentile, PhD
    School of Engineering, Newcastle University, Claremont Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 7RU, UK
    Interests: Biomaterials; Tissue engineering; Scaffolds
  • Pietro Gentile, MD, PhD
    Researcher of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, University of Rome "Tor Vergata", Italy
    Interests: Adipose stem cells; Stromal vascular fraction; Platelet rich plasma; Growth factors; Fat graft; Platelet rich lipotransfert; Fat tissue; Regenerative surgery; Regenerative medicine; Plastic surgery
  • Alexandros G. Georgakilas, PhD
    DNA Damage Laboratory, Physics Department, School of Applied Sciences, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
    Interests: Radiation biology; DNA damage and repair; Biomarker discovery for efficient radiation therapy; Bioinformatics
  • Edgar Grinstein, MD
    Department of Haematology, Oncology and Clinical Immunology, Heinrich Heine University, 40225 Düsseldorf, Germany
    Interests: Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells; Signal Transduction; Molecular Cancer
    Special Issues in IMR Press journals
  • Gary Hardiman, MD
    School of Biological Sciences, Institute for Global Food Security (IGFS), Queen’s University Belfast, Belfast BT7 1NN, Northern Ireland, UK Department of Medicine, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC 29425, USA
    Interests: Computational Biology; Genomics and Genetics; Big Data; Endocrine Disruption; Contaminants of Emerging Concern; Bisphenol A; Impacts of MNPs on Terrestrial and Aquatic Systems; Bioplastics; Prostate Cancer; Non Coding RNAs
  • Sherif T.S. Hassan, PhD
    Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Prague, Czechia
    Interests: infectious diseases; pharmacology and toxicology; molecular medicine; natural products; analytical and bioanalytical techniques
    Special Issues in IMR Press journals
  • Gaetano Isola, MD, PhD
    Department of General Surgery and Surgical-Medical Specialties, University of Catania, Catania, Italy
    Interests: Periodontology; Oral diseases; Oral biomarkers
    Special Issues in IMR Press journals
  • Suresh G. Joshi, MD, MSc, PhD
    Center for Plasma in Health & Biomedical Engineering, School of Biomedical Engineering, Science & Health Systems, Philadelphia, PA, USA; Center for Surgical Infections & Biofilms, Institute of Molecular Medicine and Infectious diseases, Department of Microbiology & Immunology, Philadelphia, PA, USA; Department of Surgery, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, USA
    Interests: molecular medicine; infectious disease & infection control; epidemiology; surgical infections & wound healing; medical devices; novel strategies in antimicrobial agents and resistance; biofilm; plasma medicine; oxidative stress; vaccine biology; biotechnology
    Special Issues in IMR Press journals
  • Ruslan Kalendar, PhD
    Helsinki Institute of Life Science HiLIFE, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland
    Interests: genomics and evolution; biology of mobile elements; applications as markers for biodiversity and breeding; identification of mobile elements; bioinformatics (string searching and complexity analysis, search of repeats, DNA alignment and assembly, PCR primer/probe design)
    Special Issues in IMR Press journals
  • Khaleque Newaz Khan, MD
    Kyoto Prefectural Univ Med, Grad Sch Med Sci, Dept Obstet & Gynecol, Kyoto, Japan;
    Interests: Molecular Biology; Reproductive Biology
    Special Issues in IMR Press journals
  • Hidetsugu Kohzaki, PhD
    Faculty of Nursing, Shumei University, Yachiyo, Chiba, Japan
    Interests: anatomy; physiology; immunology; microbiology; molecular biology; genetics
  • William Konigsberg, PhD
    Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, Yale University, New Haven, CT 06520, USA
    Interests: Biochemistry; Biophysics; Blood coagulation; DNA replication; Genetics; Molecular biology
  • Christos K. Kontos, PhD
    Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Faculty of Biology, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens, Greece
    Interests: transcriptomics; circular RNA; microRNAs; tRNA fragments; alternative splicing; apoptosis; anticancer drugs; colorectal cancer; hematological malignancies; tumor biomarkers
  • Yiannis Kourkoutas, MD
    Laboratory of Applied Microbiology & Biotechnology, Department of Molecular Biology & Genetics, Democritus University of Thrace, Alexandroupolis, Greece
    Interests: Functional cultures; Food & gut microbiome; Probiotics/prebiotics; Human nutrition; Antimicrobials
    Special Issues in IMR Press journals
  • Igor Lavrov, MD, PhD
    Department of Neurology & Department of Biomedical Engineering, Mayo clinic, Rochester, USA
    Interests: Neuromodulation; Spinal cord injury; Neuroprosthetics; Neurorehabilitation; Motor control
  • Elena Levantini, PhD
    Department of Medicine - Hematology/Oncology Division, Beth Israel; Deaconess Medical Center, 330 Brookline Avenue - CLS 428, Boston, MA 02215, USA
    Interests: Oncology; Lung cancer; Hematopoiesis
  • Guangbi Li, PhD
    Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, School of Medicine, Virginia Commonwealth University, MMRB, Room 3055, 1220 East Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23298, USA
    Interests: Chronic kidney disease; Nephrotic syndrome; Glomerular disease; Renal medullary regulation of blood pressure
  • Felice Lorusso, MD
    Department of Innovative Technologies in Medicine & Dentistry, University of Chieti-Pescara, Via dei Vestini 31, 66100 Chieti, Italy
    Interests: Dental Implants; Dentistry; Oral Surgery; Osseointegration; Bone Resorption; Dental Biomaterials
  • Fabiola Marino, PhD
    Department of Experimental and Clinical Medicine, University Magna Graecia of Catanzaro, CZ, Italy
    Interests: stem cells; regeneration; cell therapy; cardiac organoids; senescence
  • Cristina Mollica, MD
    Department of Statistical Sciences, Sapienza University of Rome, Piazzale Aldo Moro, 5, 00185 Roma RM, Italy
    Interests: Ordinal Data Models; Mixture Models; Latent Variable Models; Biostatistics; Bayesian Inference; MCMC Methods; Software
  • Gianluca Nazzaro, MD
    Department of Physiopathology and Transplantation, University of Milan Dermatology Unit - IRCCS Ca' Granda Foundation Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico Via Pace, 9-20122 Milano, Italy
    Interests: Dermoscopy; Dermatopathology; Tropical Dermatology; Ultrasonography; History of Medicine
  • Angela Roberta Lo Piero, MD
    Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment, University of Catania, Via Santa Sofia 98, 95123, Catania, Italy
    Interests: Plant Genetics; Plant Epigenetics; Plant Transcriptomics; Abiotic and Biotic Stress
  • Alessandro Poggi, MD
    Molecular Oncology and Angiogenesis Unit, IRCCS Ospedale Policlinico San Martino, 16132 Genova GE, Italy
    Interests: Blood and Bone Marrow; Cancer; Immune System; Signaling
  • David González Pérez, PhD
    Department of Biocatalysis, Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry (ICP-CSIC), Madrid, Spain
    Interests: directed evolution; high-throughput screening; applied biocatalysis; biotechnology; drug discovery
    Special Issues in IMR Press journals
  • Vehary Sakanyan, PhD
    IICiMed, Faculté de Pharmacie, Université de Nantes, Nantes, France; IICiMed, Faculté des Sciences et des Techniques, Université de Nantes, Nantes, France
    Interests: cancer therapy; drug discovery; oxidative stress; biotechnology
  • Luigi Santacroce, MD
    Department of Interdisciplinary Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Bari, Bari, Italy
    Interests: Human Microbiota; Probiotics; Nutraceuticals; Essential Oils; Oncology; Regenerative Medicine; Stem Cells; History of Medicine
  • Roberto Scicali, MD, PhD
    Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, University of Catania, Internal Medicine, Garibaldi Hospital, Via Palermo 636, 95122, Catania, Italy
    Interests: Dyslipidemias; Lipid lowering therapies; Diabetes
  • Sergey V. Sennikov, PhD
    Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution "Research Institute of Fundamental and Clinical Immunology" (RIFCI), Novosibirsk, Russia Novosibirsk State University, Novosibirsk, Russia
    Interests: Antitumor immunity; Alternative splicing; Allele polymorphism; Cytokines; Dendritic cells vaccine
  • Yasuhito Shimada, MD
    Department of Integrative Pharmacology, Mie University Graduate School of Medicine, Mie, Japan
    Interests: chemical screening; drug discovery; bioinformatics; zebrafish; obesity; cancer; disease models; transcriptome; microbiomechemical screening; drug discovery; bioinformatics; zebrafish; obesity; cancer; disease models; transcriptome; microbiome
    Special Issues in IMR Press journals
  • William L. Stone, PhD
    James H Quillen College of Medicine, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN, USA
    Interests: systems medicine; antioxidants; oxidative stress; molecular biology
  • Xiaolei Tang, PhD
    Physiology and Immunology, College of Veterinary Medicine, Long Island University, Brookville, NY, USA
    Interests: regulatory T cells; tissue-resident stem cells; intestinal stem cells; multiple sclerosis; inflammatory bowel disease; vitamin D; retinoic acid; engineered dendritic cells; CYP27B1; ALDH1A2
  • Luca Testarelli, PhD, DDS
    Department of Oral and Maxillo-Facial Sciences, Sapienza University of Rome, Rome, Italy
    Interests: endodontics; restorative dentistry; oral surgery; dental implantology; prosthetics
    Special Issues in IMR Press journals
  • Shizuka Uchida, PhD
    Center for RNA Medicine, Department of Clinical Medicine, Aalborg University, DK-2450 Copenhagen, Denmark
    Interests: Bioinformatics; Cardiovascular; Database; Epitranscriptomics; Long non-coding RNA; MicroRNA; Non-coding RNA; RNA-seq; Transcriptomics
  • Alfonso Urbanucci, MD
    Department of Tumor Biology, Institute for Cancer Research, Oslo University Hospital, Norway
    Interests: Prostate cancer; Bromodomain; Cancer research; Chromatin; DNA damage response; Gene regulation; Nuclear receptors; Breast cancer; Transcriptomics; Precision medicine
  • Tao Wang, MD, PhD
    Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK
    Interests: Molecular mechanisms of genetic cardiovascular diseases; iPSC modelling of genetic vascular and neurovascular conditions; Neurovascular interactions and vascular dementia; Notch signalling in human cardiovascular system; Vascular engineering and Nano-medicine
    Special Issues in IMR Press journals
  • Hongwei Yao, MD
    Department of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology & Biochemistry (Research), Brown University Warren Alpert Medical School, 185 Meeting Street, Providence, RI 02912, USA
    Interests: Bronchopulmonary dysplasia; Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; Pulmonary fibrosis; Oxidative stress; Inflammatory responses; Cellular senescence/premature aging; Mitochondrial dysfunction; Metabolism
  • Jinwei Zhang, PhD
    University of Exeter Medical School, Exeter, UK
    Interests: antimicrobial resistance; disease biology; drug discovery; biotechnology
    Special Issues in IMR Press journals
    Special Issue in Antimicrobial Resistance
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