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Nutritional support in patients with acute pancreatitis

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1 Section of General and Oncologic Surgery, Department of Biological Sciences and Human Oncology , University Medical School of Bari, Italy
2 Section of General Surgery and Liver Transplantation, Department of Emergency and Organ Transplantation
3 Section of General Surgery and Oncology, Department of General Surgery, University Medical School of Catania, Italy

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.

Academic Editor: Fabio Galvano

Front. Biosci. (Elite Ed) 2012, 4(6), 1999–2006;
Published: 1 January 2012
(This article belongs to the Special Issue Dietary approaches to prevent chronic-degenerative diseases)

Pancreatitis is a diffuse systemic immunoinflammatory response to a localized process of autodigestion within the pancreatic gland, caused by premature activation of proteolytic digestive enzymes. According to the ATLANTA criteria (1992) we recognized a mild and a severe acute pancreatitis (SAP ) . Mortality rate in SAP account up to the 20% and most complications and deaths are due to an inflammatory immune response to pancreatic necrosis and/or infection. Patients affected by SAP rapidly incur accelerated catabolism and thus nutritional support is essential, especially in the earliest period of the disease. Recent observations show that the route of nutritional support may also affect disease severity and its course. In this view several important questions about nutritional support need to be addressed : indication , timing, enteral vs parenteral and composition . With this review we analyze the state-of-the-art and we present a decisional flow chart to better manage the nutritional support in SAP.

Artificial nutrition
Acute pancreatitis
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