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Dietary Ochratoxin A Contamination Modulates Oxidative Stress, Inflammation Processes and Causes Fibrosis in in vitro and in vivo Lung Models
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1 Pathological Diagnosis and Research Center, Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Medical University, 524000 Zhanjiang, Guangdong, China
2 Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery Center, Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Medical University, 524000 Zhanjiang, Guangdong, China
*Correspondence: (Jianlong Xie)
These authors contributed equally.
Front. Biosci. (Landmark Ed) 2023, 28(2), 22;
Submitted: 29 October 2022 | Revised: 1 December 2022 | Accepted: 8 December 2022 | Published: 2 February 2023
(This article belongs to the Special Issue Toxicants and Contaminants in Food)
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Background: The prevalence of aging-related diseases has increased significantly and this imposes a burden on both families and society. The lung is one of the few internal organs that is continuously exposed to the external environment, and lung aging is associated with a number of lung diseases. Ochratoxin A (OTA) is a toxin that is widely present in food and the environment but an effect for OTA on lung aging has not been reported. Methods: Using both cultured lung cell and in vivo model systems, we studied the effect of OTA on lung cell senescence using flow cytometry, indirect immunofluorescence, western blotting, and immunohistochemistry. Results: Results obtained showed that OTA caused significant lung cell senescence in cultured cells. Furthermore, using in vivo models, results showed that OTA caused lung aging and aging fibrosis. Mechanistic analysis showed that OTA upregulated the levels of inflammation and oxidative stress, and that this may be the molecular basis of OTA-induced lung aging. Conclusions: Taken together, these findings indicate that OTA causes significant aging damage to the lung, which lays an important foundation for the prevention and treatment of lung aging.

ochratoxin A
lung aging
lung fibrosis
oxidative stress
GDMUQ2021004/Guangdong Medical University Youth Cultivation Fund, China
GMUQ2021010/Guangdong Medical University Youth Cultivation Fund, China
2021B01454/Zhanjiang Science And Technology Research Plan Project
220829004544444/Competitive Allocation Project Of Special Funds For Science And Technology Development Of Zhanjiang City
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