Aziz Eftekhari
Basic info is private.
Research Keywords and Expertise
Food additive toxicology
Nutritional toxicology
Nutrient-nutrient interactions
Food additive toxicology; Nutritional toxicology; Nutrient-nutrient interactions; Macronutrients and macronutrient substitutes; Food substances that mitigate toxicity: Antitoxicants and anticarcinogens; Toxicant metabolism and risk assessment; Natural products; Pesticides; Biosensors and nano sensors for the detection of disease and toxins; Novel antioxidant and nano-antioxidants against toxicities; The assessment of environmental hazards and nanoparticles; Environmental effects on gene regulation; Mechanistic in vitro and in vivo modelling of drug-induced liver injury; Development of molecular targeted agents and biomarkers in cancer; Analytical instruments for environmental contaminants analyses; Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) monitoring and abatement; Cellular and molecular mechanisms of xenobiotic induced hepatotoxicity
Latest Publications
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