Reviewer Board
Nageh Fathy Abo-Dahab, PhD
Botany & Microbiology Department, Faculty of Science, Al-Azhar University, 71524 Assiut, Egypt
Interests: Biotechnology; Chromatography; High-Performance Liquid Chromatography; PCR; Mass Spectrometry; Nanoparticles; Water Quality; Biomedical Science; Plant Biotechnology; Tissue Engineering
Haseeb Ahmad Khan, MD
Department of Biochemistry, College of Science, King Saud University, Riyadh 11451, Saudi Arabia
Interests: Biomedical sciences (clinical biochemistry, biomarkers, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, inflammation, metabolomics, animal models, pharmacology, toxicology, molecular genetics); Nanomedicine (immunological response of nanomaterials, safety and biocompatibility, targeted drug delivery, diagnostic and therapeutic potentials of nanomaterials); Bioinformatics and digital health (biomedical software development, clinical trials, evolutionary bioinformatics, microarray data analysis, phylogenetic analysis); Animal biotechnology (cytotoxicity assays, cellular responses to environmental stressors, oxygen consumption rate, DNA barcoding, molecular conservation)
Alia Anwar, PhD
Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing, China (CAAS)
Interests: Molecular biology; Gene editing; Stress physiology; Molecular breeding; Confocal microscopy; HTP sequencing
May T. Aung-Htut, MD
Centre for Molecular Medicine and Innovative Therapeutics, Murdoch University, Western Australia. Perron Institute for Neurological and Translational Science, Western Australia
Interests: Molecular biology; Cell biology; Genetics; Rare diseases; Antisense therapy
Andrea Battistini, MD, PhD
Neuroscience Institute Cavalieri Ottolenghi, 10043 Turin, Italy Department of Neuroscience ‘Rita Levi Montalcini’, University of Turin, 10126 Turin, Italy
Interests: Surgery; Plastic surgery; Regenerative medicine
Fulvio Borella, MD
Division of Gynecology and Obstetrics 1, Department of Surgical Sciences, “City of Health and Science University Hospital”, University of Turin, Turin, Italy
Interests: Obstetrics and gynecology; Gynecologic oncology; Breast cancer; Cancer diagnostic; Cancer biomarker
Daniel Bustos, PhD
Universidad Catolica del Maule, Talca, Chile
Interests: Bioinformatics; Biophysical chemistryo computational biology; Comachine learning graph mining network; Molecular dynamics simulations
Belal Chami, PhD
Discipline of Oral Pathology, Faculty of Medicine and Health, Rm 2235, Level 2, Westmead Centre for Oral Health, The University of Sydney, NSW, 2145, Australia
Interests: Inflammatory bowel disease; Oxidative stress; Myeloperoxidase; Immune system; Inflammation; Therapeutics
Luigi Cipolloni, MD, PhD
Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Section of Forensic Medicine, University of Foggia, 71122 Foggia FG, Italy
Interests: Forensic Pathology; Forensic Histopathology
Ciro De Luca, MD, PhD
Department of Medicine and Surgery, University of Salerno, 84084 Fisciano SA, Italy
Interests: Neuron
Rajib Deb, PhD
ICAR-National Research Center on Pig Rani, Guwahati-781 131, Assam, India
Interests: Genes and genetics; Molecular biology
Udesh Dhawan, PhD
Institute of Chemistry, Academia Sinica, Room B501, Institute of Chemistry Academia Sinica, Section 2, No. 128 Academia Road, Nangang, Taipei, Taiwan
Interests: Cancer Biology; Development of Drug-testing Platforms; Physical Microenvironment-Guided Cancer Metastasis; Organic Nanostructures for Bio-Sensing Applications
Donatella Diana, MD
Institute of Biostructures and Bioimaging (IBB), National Research Council (CNR), Via Mezzocannone 16,80134 Naple, Italy
Interests: NMR spectroscopy; Structural biology; Molecular recognition; Molecular diagnostics and therapeutics; Protein folding; Misfolding and degradation
Aziz Eftekhari, MD
Pharmacology and Toxicology, Maragheh University of Medical Sciences, East Azerbaijan - Maragheh, Iran
Interests: Food additive toxicology; Nutritional toxicology; Nutrient-nutrient interactions; Macronutrients and macronutrient substitutes; Food substances that mitigate toxicity: Antitoxicants and anticarcinogens; Toxicant metabolism and risk assessment; Natural products; Pesticides; Biosensors and nano sensors for the detection of disease and toxins; Novel antioxidant and nano-antioxidants against toxicities; The assessment of environmental hazards and nanoparticles; Environmental effects on gene regulation; Mechanistic in vitro and in vivo modelling of drug-induced liver injury; Development of molecular targeted agents and biomarkers in cancer; Analytical instruments for environmental contaminants analyses; Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) monitoring and abatement; Cellular and molecular mechanisms of xenobiotic induced hepatotoxicity
Adel Elmoselhi, PhD
College of Medicine, University of Sharjah, M27-147, P.O. Box 27272 Sharjah, UAE
Interests: Cardiovascular Diseases; Oxidation Stress; Vitamin D; Medical Education
Ahmed Eltokhi, MD
Department of Pharmacology, University of Washington, Seattle WA 98195, USA
Interests: Neuropsychiatric disorders; Nervous system; Rodent behavioral Analysis; Molecular biology; Genes and genetics
Shahid Farooq, PhD
Department of Agronomy, Ghazi University, D. G. Khan, Pakistan
Interests: Agronomy; Weed science; Ecology; Biogeography; Species distribution; Modeling
Masoud Foroutan, MD
Abadan University of Medical Sciences, Abadan, Iran
Interests: Medical parasitology; Toxoplasmosis; Vaccine; Bioinformatics; Systematic reviews
Nidhish Francis, PhD
Lecturer in Animal Physiology, School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, Charles Sturt University, Locked Bag 588, Boorooma Street, Wagga Wagga NSW 2678, Australia
Interests: Nutraceutical approaches to improve animal production; Identifying the health beneficial properties of creals and pulses; Developing cell culture models on inflammation; Diabetes; Obesity and other metabolic diseases
Ying Fu, MD
Department of Applied Chemistry, Northeast Agricultural University, Harbin 150030, China
Interests: Computer Aided Drug Design; Design; Synthesis and Bioactivity of Herbicide; Fluorescence Technology for Detection of Environmental Pollutants
Maria Gemelli, MD, PhD
Division of Medical Oncology, San Gerardo Hospital, University of Milano-Bicocca School of Medicine, 20900 Monza, Italy
Interests: Lung and thoracic neoplasm
Kavita Gulati, PhD
Department of Pharmacology, Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute, University of Delhi, Delhi-110 007, India
Interests: Respiratory pharmacology and toxicology; Neuropharmacology and allied neurosciences; Herbal drug research; Immunopharmacology; Tranlational research
Ravikumar Hosamani, PhD
Department of Biotechnology University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad 580 005, KA, India
Interests: Entomology
Seyed Jalal Hosseinimehr, MD
Department of Radiopharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences, Sari, Iran
Interests: Radiopharmaceuticals; Radiolabeled peptides and antibody; Radiation biology; Radioprotective study in animal, cell culture and human lymphocytes; HPLC; Tumor bearing Mice; Cytogenetic methods (Micronuclei in mice bone marrow and binulcated lymphocytes); Cell cultures
Kebin Hu, MD, PhD
Department of Medicine, Division of Nephrology and Department of Cellular and Molecular Physiology, Penn State University College of Medicine, H040, 500 University Drive, Hershey, PA17033, USA
Interests: Blood and bone marrow; Cardiovascular system; Cell biology; Immune system; Inflammatory responses; Molecular biology; Respiratory tract; Signaling
Mahalaqua Nazli Khatib, PhD
Department of Physiology, JN Medical College, DMIMS(DU), Sawangi (Meghe) Wardha, India
Interests: Department of Physiology, JN Medical College, DMIMS(DU), Sawangi (Meghe) Wardha, India
Ashwani Kumar, MD
Metagenomics and Secretomics Research Laboratory, Department of Botany, School of Biological Sciences, Dr. H.S. Gour Central University, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh
Interests: Environmental Microbiology; Metagenomics; Plant-Microbe Interaction and Abiotic and Biotic Stress; Bioremediation; Biofuel
Shallu Kutlehria, PhD
Bouve College of Health Sciences, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Northeastern University, Boston, MA-02115, USA
Interests: Pharmaceutics; Drug delivery; 3D printing; Nanomedicine
Dhananjaya Bhadrapura Lakkappa, PhD
Centre for Emerging Technologices (CET), Jain University, Kannakapura, Karnataka. India
Interests: Bimolecular Toxinology/Toxicology; Drug Discovery; OMICS Biology - (Proteomics,Transcriptomics,Metabolomics, Genomics & Antivenomics); Structure-Function Studies; Characterization of Therapeutical Secretary Bio-molecules from Diverse Sources; Ethanopharmacological Investigation for Discovery of Lead Molecules for Various Diseases; Application of Computational Biology in Diseases
Guangbi Li, PhD
Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, School of Medicine, Virginia Commonwealth University, MMRB, Room 3055, 1220 East Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23298, USA
Interests: Chronic kidney disease; Nephrotic syndrome; Glomerular disease; Renal medullary regulation of blood pressure
Dunhui Li, MD
Perron Institute for Neurological and Translational Science, University of Western Australia, Perth, WA 6009, Australia
Interests: Molecular medicine; Antisense Therapeutics; Neuroscience
Yongxiang Liao, PhD
Rice Research Institute of Sichuan Agricultural University, Chengdu City, China
Interests: Plant growth and development; Genes and denetics; Rice breeding
Chiahsin Lin, PhD
National Dong Hwa University, Institute of Marine Biology, Taiwan
Interests: Cryobiology; Cryopreservation; Genetic conservation; Molecular biology; Coral reproduction and physiology
Chao Lien Liu, MD
School of Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology, Taipei Medical University, No.250, Wu-Hsing Street, Taipei 11031, Taiwan
Interests: Immunotherapy; Oncology
Biliana Lozanoska-Ochser, MD
Sapienza University of Rome, DAHFMO Unit of Histology and Medical Embryology, 00161 Rome, Italy
Interests: Skeletal muscle; Muscle stem cells; Muscle injury; Immune response to injury; Muscle regeneration; Muscular dystrophy
Boxun Lu, PhD
Neurology Department at Huashan Hospital, State Key Laboratory of Medical Neurobiology, and Ministry of Education Frontiers Center for Brain Science, School of Life Sciences, Fudan University, Shanghai 200433, China
Interests: Aging; Cell biology; Genes and genetics; Nervous system; Signaling
Ayman Mesalam, MD
Lecturer of Theriogenology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Zagazig University, El-Zeraa St., Zagazig 44511, Sharkia, Egypt
Interests: ln vitro fertilization (IVF); Animal reproduction; ln vitro maturation (IVM); Embryo development; Embryo cloning
Abhinava K. Mishra, PhD
Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, University of California, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Interests: Signal transduction pathways; Cytoskeleton; Cell migration; Cancer genomics; Immunotherapy; Macrophage; Phagocytosis; cell death; cell proliferation and inflammation
Norzilawati Mohamad, PhD
Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Jalan UMS, 88400 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Interests: Smart Materials; Materials; Magnetic Materials; Materials & Fabrication; Materials Characterization;; Magnetorheological Materials; Particle Shape; Grease
Manuela Montanaro, PhD
Anatomic Pathology, Department of Experimental Medicine, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Via Montpellier 1, Rome (RM) 00133, Italy
Interests: Atherosclerosis; Ectopic calcifications; Histology; Immunohistochemistry; Risk factors; Immunohistochemical biomarkers
Ali Noman, PhD
Department of Botany, Government College University Faisalabad 38040, Pakistan
Interests: Plant innate immunity; Plant-environment interaction
Silvia Oldani, PhD
Emergency Department, Humanitas Clinical and Research Center, Via Manzoni 56, 20089, Rozzano, Milano, Italy
Interests: Simulation; Curriculum development; Assessment; Standardized patients; Communication skills; Approaches to teaching and learning
Ilaria Ottonelli, PhD
Clinical and Experimental Medicine PhD Program, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, via G. Campi 103, 41124, Modena, Italy
Interests: Nanomedicine; Nanoparticles; Drug delivery systems; Retinal delivery; Brain delivery; Huntington's disease; Tunneling nanotubes; Neurodegenerative disorders; Targeted nanomedicine; Tumor targeting; GBM; Targeting ligands; Blood brain barrier
Gianmarco Pallavicini, PhD
Neuroscience Institute Cavalieri Ottolenghi, 10043 Turin, Italy Department of Neuroscience ‘Rita Levi Montalcini’, University of Turin, 10126 Turin, Italy
Interests: Characterization of the molecular aspects of glioblastoma; Identification of citron kinase protein partners
Phil June Park, PhD
Bioscience Lab., Basic Research & Innovation Division, R & D Unit. Amorepacific Corp, 1920 Yonggu-daero, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Interests: Industrial molecular biology; Molecular immunology; Molecular dermatology; Biochemistry; Food chemistry and biology
Rajni Parmar, PhD
Biotechnology Division, CSIR IHBT, Palampur, Palampur, District District-Kangra, 176061, Himachal Pradesh, India
Interests: Plant molecular biology; Plant genetics; Functional genomics; Plant genetic diversity; Transcriptomics and whole genome sequencing in plants; Medicinally important plants from himalayan region
Davide Raineri, PhD
Università del Piemonte Orientale, Novara, Italy
Interests: Immunology; Cancer; Extracellular vesicles; Autoimmune disease
Samir Raychoudhury, PhD
Benedict College, 1600 Harden St, Columbia, SC 29204, USA; Benedict College Animal Care & Use Committee, Columbia, SC 29204, USA
Interests: Cell biology; Reproductive biology; Molecular biology
Deyong Ren, MD
State Key Lab of Rice Biology, China National Rice Research Institute, Hangzhou 310006, China
Interests: Plant cell biology; Plant molecular biology and genetics; Plant abiotic stress
Carlo Rengo, PhD
Department of Prosthodontics and Dental Materials, School of Dental Medicine, University of Siena, 53100 Siena, Italy
Interests: Periodontology; Prosthodontics; Dentistry; Implantology; Dental materials
Jumana Saleh, PhD
Biochemistry Department, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Oman
Interests: Lipid biochemistry; Acylation stimulating protein; Endocrine; Oxidative stress and antioxidants
Xiangchun Shen, MD
Department of Pharmacology of Materia Medica, Guizhou Medical University, University Town, Guian New District, Guizhou 550025, China; Director of the High Educational Key Laboratory of Guizhou Province for Natural Medicinal Pharmacology and Druggability, Guizhou Medical University, University Town, Guian New District, Guizhou 550025, China
Interests: Cardiovascular pharmacology; Chemicobiology of functional natural product
Parvesh Singh, PhD
School of Chemistry and Physics, Westville Campus, University of Kwa-Zulu Natal (UKZN), Durban, South Africa
Interests: Organic chemistry (applications of cycloaddition and molecular hybridization approaches in heterocyclic synthesis); Medicinal/pharmaceutical chemistry (target based drug design); ​Computational chemistry (pharmacophore modelling, molecular docking, molecular dynamics)
Laishram Shantikumar Singh, PhD
Institute of Bioresources and Sustainable Development, Sikkim Centre, DBT, Gangtok, India
Interests: Microbial Biotechnology; Bioprospecting for Microbial Secondary Metabolites & Bioactive Compounds; Phytochemicals Against Dermatophytes; Mitigate Drug Resistant & Opportunistic Pathogens; Plant Endophyte Relation; Chemical Ecology of Endophytes; Plant Microbe Interaction
Liting Song, PhD
Hope Biomedical Research, Toronto, ON M2K 2J8, Canada
Interests: Virology; Molecular biology; Genetics; Epidemiology; Infectious diseases; Biochemistry
Xiaolei Tang, MD
Physiology and Immunology, College of Veterinary Medicine, Long Island University, 720 Northern Blvd., Room 210 Roth Hall, Brookville, NY 11548, USA
Interests: Regulatory T (Treg) cells and the role of immune system in tissue repair
Yohei Tomita, MD
Department of Ophthalmology, Boston Children's Hospital/Harvard Medical School, 3 Blackfan Circle, CLS18030-9B, Boston, MA, USA
Interests: Retinal disease; Metabolism; Diabetic retinopathy; Age-related macular degeneration; Vitreoretinal surgery
Lay Khoon Too, MD
Save Sight Institute, University of Sydney, 8 Macquarie St., Sydney NSW 2000, Australia; Sydney Eye Hospital, 8 Macquarie St., Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Interests: Behavioural Neurosciences; Neuropathology; Vision Sciences
Marco Vastano, PhD
Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry ICB-Italian National Research Council CNR, Italy
Interests: Biopolymer; Recombinant protein; Biorefinery; Waste valorization; Hyperthermophiles
Sanjairaj Vijayavenkataraman, MD
Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering, New York University Abu Dhabi, Experimental Research Building (ERB), C1-039 P.O. Box 129188, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Interests: Additive manufacturing; Bioprinting; Biomaterials; Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine; Computational scaffold design; Medical devices
Gian Luca Rampioni Vinciguerra, MD
Department of Cancer Biology and Genetics, Biomedical Research Tower, 460W 12th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210, Italy
Interests: Molecular biomarkers of prognosis and early diagnosis in solid tumors (Breast cancer; Colon cancer); Particularly; The role of microRNAsC
Tao Wang, MD, PhD
Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK
Interests: Molecular mechanisms of genetic cardiovascular diseases; iPSC modelling of genetic vascular and neurovascular conditions; Neurovascular interactions and vascular dementia; Notch signalling in human cardiovascular system; Vascular engineering and Nano-medicine
Guoyao Wu, PhD
Animal Science and Nutrition, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, USA
Interests: Amino acids and protein; Nutrition; Health
Hong Xu, PhD
School of Public Health, Hebei Key Laboratory for Organ Fibrosis Research, North China University of Science and Technology, Tangshan, P.R. China
Interests: Anti-Fibrotic Effect of Ac-SDKP on Silicosis Involved in Proteomics; Myofibroblasts Differentiation; Biomarkers of Silicosis
Changxue Xu, PhD
Department of Industrial, Manufacturing & Systems Engineering, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX 79409, USA
Interests: 3D bioprinting and biofabrication of vascular structures; Filament thinning and droplet formation of viscoelastic bioink; Guided cell migration on microtopographic surfaces; Fabrication of superhydrophobic surfaces for drag reduction and oil/water separation
Zhiyou Yang, MD
Institute of Nutrition and Marine Drugs, Guangdong Ocean University, Zhanjiang 524088, P.R. China
Interests: Neuropharmacology; Aging; Molecular Biology; Natural Product Chemistry; Neurodegenerative Diseases; Neurite Regeneration
Gustavo Yannarelli, PhD
Principal Investigator, National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET), Argentina; Director, Gene Regulation & Stem Cells Laboratory, Institute for Translational Medicine, Transplantation and Bioengineering (IMeTTyB), Favaloro University–CONICET, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Interests: Mesenchymal Stem Cells; Extracellular Vesicles; Tissue Regeneration; OCT4; Multipotency; Differentiation
Qamar U. Zaman, PhD
Oil Crops Research Institute, Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, P.R. China
Interests: Genetics; Crop Production; Agronomy; Molecular Breeding; Genome Editing
Zhengxi Zhu, PhD
School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Yangzhou University, Yangzhou, Jiangsu 225002, P.R. China
Interests: Nanomedicine; Nanoagrochemicals; Nanotechnology; Micro chemical engineering and process intensification; Turbulent mixing technology; Coatings and film; Polymer science and engineering; Multi-scale and meso-scale competitive kinetics
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