IMR Press / FBL / Volume 12 / Issue 5 / DOI: 10.2741/2189

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Luteinizing hormone receptors expression in cumulus cells closely related to mouse oocyte meiotic maturation
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1 Department of Animal Physiology and Biochemistry, College of Biological Sciences, China Agricultural University, Beijing 100094, People's Republic of China
Front. Biosci. (Landmark Ed) 2007, 12(5), 1804–1813;
Published: 1 January 2007

In the process of oocyte maturation, gonadotrophins are believed as main stimulators for oocyte meiosis resumption. However, which gonadotrophin (i.e. FSH or LH) is the key hormone in this process is still unknown. This study indicated a close relationship between LH and FSH on activating meiotic maturation of oocyte in vitro. FSH efficiently induced oocyte meiosis at concentration of 50 IU/L, while LH alone had no effect on oocyte meiotic initiation. Using RT-PCR and in situ hybridization, a tight corelationship between FSH-stimulated oocyte meiotic resumption and LHR mRNA expression in cumulus cells was found. LHR mRNA was present in cumulus cells of oocyte-cumulus cell complexes. Except the expression of LHRs was present in cumulus cells surrounding all maturing oocytes, low level expression was also detected in cells associated with oocytes that were still at GV stage. Its expression was enhanced by FSH stimulation before oocyte maturation. However, LHRs did not express in cumulus cells associated with oocytes that were completely arrested at GV stage by IBMX. Furthermore, increased progesterone concentration was found in the medium in which CEOs were cultured with FSH and LH, but not in those with FSH or LH alone. LHR expression in cumulus cells increases with time in culture, and the levels of expression are enhanced in the presence of FSH. Oocyte meiotic resumption may create conditions favorable for LHR expression. LHR expression may be considered as a potential marker for oocytes maturation initiation.

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