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Case Report
Melanoma relapse of the upper third of the vagina treated with bcg and beta-interferon
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1 Obstetrics-Gynecology Division - Schio Hospital Presidium, ULSS no. 6, Schio, Vicenza (Italy)
Clin. Exp. Obstet. Gynecol. 1989, 16(2-3), 88–92;
Published: 10 June 1989

Faced with a vaginal melanoma relapse in an old cardiac patient operated in May 1985 for melanoma in the upper 3rd of the vagina, we had to solve a therapeut1c problem in view of the impossibility of excising a lesion larger than the preceding one and because the patient refused every type of surgery. So we then chose the combined treatment of intralesional BCG and intravenous ß-Interferon. Monthly intravenous administration of ??-Interferon has reached a total of 8,000,000 I/U, while the BCG has been inoculated intralesionally in the submucosa in doses of 0.1 ml after observing the negative result of the PPD test. Our aim was to achieve double immunological stimulation by combining two drugs that are often used separately with satisfactory results. Before and after every therapy cycle, the immunological status was established, and showed a small but constant and permanent increase in T-lymphocytes, both helper and suppressor Histological results before and after therapy and immunological responses are reported, and the case distinguishes itself by its brilliant results.
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