29 March 2023

Editor-in-Chief Change of Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine

From 1 April 2023, Dr. Jerome L. Fleg will stop down as Editor-in-Chief (EIC) but still as the Editorial Board Member of Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine (RCM). Prof. Giuseppe Boriani will be the sole EIC of the journal.


Farewell Address from Dr. Jerome L. Fleg:

I am delighted to turn over the reins of Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine (RCM) to Dr. Giuseppe Boriani, a world leader in cardiac arrhythmias and pacing.  Dr. Boriani has also won numerous awards for his excellence in manuscript reviewing for major medical journals, which he will use to great advantage in his new position at RCM.  I have enjoyed working with the outstanding editorial staff at RCM, whose dedication, attention to detail, and support are a major asset to the Journal.  I look forward to the advancement of RCM’s position among the large and competitive arena of cardiovascular journals. 

Jerome Fleg, MD, FACC, FAHA, FAPS


On behalf of the journal publisher and all the editors of RCM, we are grateful for the support and assistance from Dr. Jerome L. Fleg. His rich experience and effective suggestions have made the journal run well and have benefited all editors greatly. Thanks for all of the time he committed to the journal, and extend our best wishes to him.

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