David Zhu

Founder, Chairman and CEO

Since graduating from Ningbo University in 2007, David Zhu  (Difeng Zhu) has been involved in the publishing industry. He has held editorial positions at several well-known Chinese publishing houses, accumulating valuable experience in editing and management. In 2017, driven by a deep love for the publishing industry and a passionate anticipation for the future, David Zhu decided to establish his own journal publishing company—IMR Press—and published its first journal, "Journal of Molecular and Clinical Medicine" in 2018. Under David Zhu's leadership, IMR Press has gradually expanded its business, covering multiple disciplines including neuroscience, cardiovascular, obstetrics and gynecology, molecular cell biology, and others.

David Zhu is committed to maintaining cooperation with leading scientists and professionals worldwide. Through close collaboration with the editing team, he is dedicated to providing high-quality publishing services and content to scholars and readers globally. He has not only built a communication and management bridge between the headquarters in Singapore and the offices in the United States and China but also integrated all functional teams through efficient communication and management skills to ensure the company's operational direction and goals are aligned. As a leader, David Zhu's innovative spirit and passion for work inspire team members to explore new ideas. He also places great emphasis on teamwork, listening to team opinions, and advocating for an open and inclusive work environment.

David Zhu's vision is to create an open, inclusive, and high-quality platform aimed at promoting knowledge exchange in scientific research and academia. He hopes IMR Press will become an internationally renowned academic journal publishing house, serving scholars and readers worldwide.

Outside of work, David Zhu enjoys reading, traveling, and participating in charitable activities.