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Stop Flow in abdominal and pelvic cancer relapses
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1 Med Onc B INT Naples, Cagliari University, Italy
2 Med Onc B INT Naples, Italy
3 Med Onc Pozzuoli (NA) H, Naples, Italy
4 Gen. Surg. Battipaglia (SA), Naples, Italy
5 Surg Av H, Naples, Italy
6 Exper Surg Fed. II° Univ. Naples, Italy
7 Med Onc Benevento, Naples, Italy
8 Rad INT Naples, Naples, Italy
9 Rad. Fed. II Univ. Naples, Italy
10 Neph Fed. II Univ. Naples, Italy
11 Gen. Surg. Padova Univ,  Italy
12 Gen Surg L’Aquila Univ,  Italy
13 Surg INT Milano, Italy
14 Med Onc Potenza H., Naples, Italy
15 Med. Onc. Cagliari Univ, Naples, Italy
16 Onc S.Paolo Hospital Bari, Naples, Italy
17 I Surg Clin Bari Univ, Naples, Italy
18 Surg C INT Naples, Italy
19 Rad Cagliari University, Italy
20 Med Onc Int Bari, Italy
Front. Biosci. (Landmark Ed) 2006, 11(2), 1284–1288;
Published: 1 May 2006

To determinate MTD, DLT and safe doses for phase II study, a dose finding study with Mitomycin and Adriamycin Stop-Flow administration was carried out. A phase II study focused on resectability of pelvic colorectal relapses is in progress. From November 1995, 84 pts, 52 male and 32 female (94 treatments), with advanced not resectable abdominal (14 pts) or pelvic (70 pts) relapses, and resistant to previous systemic chemotherapy, were enrolled in the study. 46 pts entered the phase I-early phase II study, while subsequently 38 pts were recruited in ongoing phase II study. Safe dose were: MMC 20 mg/mq and ADM 75 mg/mq. The phase II study focused on colorectal relapses registered very promising responses: 90% pain control, 1 pCR and 26 PR / 63 (OR 43%), 8 NC (13%) 9/27 responder patients (33%) obtained a complete resectability of colorectal relapses. Stop-Flow is a safe and feasible technique very useful as a palliation treatment.

pelvic relapses
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