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Correlation between Fear of Childbirth and Childbirth Self-Efficacy during Labor
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1 Guangzhou Women and Children's Medical Center Guangdong Provincial Clinical Research Center for Child Health, 510623 Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
*Correspondence: (Qiaozhu Chen)
Academic Editor: Anca Maria Panaitescu
Clin. Exp. Obstet. Gynecol. 2022, 49(11), 258;
Submitted: 28 May 2022 | Revised: 5 July 2022 | Accepted: 18 July 2022 | Published: 18 November 2022
(This article belongs to the Special Issue Maternal-Fetal Medicine)
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Background: The research on fear of childbirth and childbirth self-efficacy of pregnant women in China mainly concentrates on the late pregnancy, and there is a lack of research on the psychology of women during labor. This study aimed to investigate the correlation between fear of childbirth and childbirth self-efficacy during labor. Methods: 378 pregnant women in labor were selected by convenience sampling. They were investigated using a self-designed questionnaire, the Chinese version of Childbirth Attitudes Questionnaire, and the Childbirth Self-Efficacy Inventory. Results: The total score of fear of childbirth during labor was 31.95 ± 9.01, and the total score of childbirth self-efficacy was 212.03 ± 59.64. The total score of fear of childbirth and the score of each dimension were significantly negatively correlated with those of childbirth self-efficacy (R2 = –0.354 to –0.155, p < 0.01). Conclusions: Fear of childbirth during labor should arouse attention of medical staffs. It is necessary to enhance psychological support and childbirth self-efficacy during labor to reduce the fear of childbirth.

during labor
pregnant women
fear of childbirth
childbirth self-efficacy
2019YFC0121905/Ministry of Science and Technology of People’s Republic of China
20221A011025/Guangzhou Medical Science and Technology General Guidance Project
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