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Sexual dissatisfaction and sexual self-efficacy: an examination of the role of sexual self-confidence as a mediator
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1 Department of Guidance and Psychological Counseling, Institute of Educational Sciences, Sakarya University, 54100 Sakarya, Turkey
2 Department of Child Development, Faculty of Health Sciences, Karabuk University, 78050 Karabuk, Turkey
3 Department of Guidance and Psychological Counseling, Faculty of Education, Sakarya University, 54100 Sakarya, Turkey
*Correspondence: Batmaz)
J. Mens. Health 2022, 18(1), 8;
Submitted: 11 March 2021 | Accepted: 29 March 2021 | Published: 17 January 2022
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This is an open access article under the CC BY 4.0 license.

Background and objective: Many concepts related to sexual dissatisfaction are discussed here. Two of these concepts are sexual self-confidence and sexual self-efficacy. The main aim of this research is to explore the mediation effect of sexual self-confidence on the relationship between sexual self-efficacy and sexual dissatisfaction. Methods: This research was carried out with the relational screening model. In this context, sexual self-efficacy, sexual dissatisfaction, and sexual self-confidence were examined with the Pearson correlation coefficient and mediation analysis. Results: The results of the correlation analysis demonstrated that sexual self-confidence and sexual self-efficacy are significantly related to sexual dissatisfaction. Before the mediation analysis was carried out, the sexual self-efficacy meaningfully predicts sexual dissatisfaction in the first regression model. The mediation analysis proved that sexual self-confidence has a mediation role in the relationship between sexual self-efficacy and sexual dissatisfaction. Conclusion: It is thought that sexual self-confidence is a more important factor for men’s sexual satisfaction or dissatisfaction than is sexual self-efficacy.

Sexual satisfaction
Sexual dissatisfaction
Sexual self-confidence
Sexual self-efficacy
Male sexuality
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