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Comparative review on left-handed Z-DNA
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1 Department of Zoology, Acharya Prafulla Chandra College, New Barrakpur, Kolkata, 700131 West Bengal, India
2 Department of Botany, Acharya Prafulla Chandra College, New Barrakpur, Kolkata, 700131 West Bengal, India
3 Department of Zoology, University of Calcutta, 700019 Kolkata, India
4 Department of Botany, Dinabandhu Andrews College, Garia, Kolkata, 700084 West Bengal, India
*Correspondence: (Joy Sarkar)
These authors contributed equally.
Front. Biosci. (Landmark Ed) 2021, 26(5), 29–35;
Submitted: 28 September 2020 | Accepted: 25 November 2020 | Published: 30 April 2021
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Being polymorphic, deoxyribonucleic acid is worthy of raise a variety of structure like right-handed B to left-handed Z conformation. In left-handed contour of DNA consecutive nucleotides substitute between syn-arrangement and anti-arrangement, through the chain. 2D gel electrophoresis comprising d(PCpG)n of topo isomers of a plasmid inserts d(pCpG)n, in this ‘n’ ranges among 8 to 21, indicate the change of B-Z DNA. The high denseness of salt is required for conversion of B configuration d(CG)n toward Z configuration. The rate of B to Z transition is measured by “Cytosine Analogues” and “Fluorescence Spectroscopy”. h-ZαADAR1 that a Z-DNA’s binding domain, binds and stabilizes one part in Z configuration and therefore the remaining half in B deoxyribonucleic acid configuration. At halfway point, it creates B-Z junction. “Stacking” is the main reason for the B-Z DNA junction construction. Upregulation of ADAM-12, related with Z-DNA is said to a cause for cancer, arthritis, and hypertrophy. Z-DNA forming sequence (ZFS) conjointly generates massive - scale deletion in cells from mammals.

Alzheimer’s disease
Wang model
Z-DNA-binding protein
Z-DNA-forming sequence
Fig. 1.
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