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Prognostic gene profiles in the tumor microenvironment of ovarian serous adenocarcinoma
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1 Department of Oncology, Beijing Friendship Hospital, Capital Medical University, Beijing 100050, China
2 Department of Gastroenterology, Beijing Friendship Hospital, Capital Medical University, National Clinical Research Center for Digestive Disease, Beijing Digestive Disease Center, Beijing Key Laboratory for Precancerous Lesion of Digestive Disease, Beijing, 100050, China
Front. Biosci. (Landmark Ed) 2021, 26(4), 692–705;
Published: 1 October 2020
(This article belongs to the Special Issue Leader sequences of coronavirus are altered during infection)

Ovarian serous adenocarcinoma is one of the most common and fatal malignancies among women worldwide. The tumor microenvironment plays a critical role in tumor initiation, proliferation, and metastasis. Immune scores and stromal scores of the tumor microenvironment were determined using the ESTIMATE. Immune cell infiltration was assessed using TIMER and differentially expressed genes (DEGs) were determined using the R/Bioconductor package of edgeR. Survival analysis was carried out using a univariate Cox model and Kaplan-Meier survival, and gene functional information was obtained through Gene Ontology and KEGG pathway analysis. Survival analysis revealed 39 DEGs that significantly influenced the prognosis of ovarian serous adenocarcinoma patients and were correlated with immune cell abundance. Functional enrichment and protein-protein interaction network analyses further indicated that these genes are primarily involved in immune-related responses. Finally, we verified the prognostic value of these genes via GEO. The present results reveal the genes associated with the tumor microenvironment of ovarian adenocarcinoma, potentially providing prognostic information.

Gene expression omnibus
The cancer genome atlas
tumor microenvironment
ovarian serous adenocarcinoma
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