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Leishmaniasis treatment: update of possibilities for drug repurposing

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1 Laboratorio de Bioquimica de Tripanosomatideos, Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, Fiocruz, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Front. Biosci. (Landmark Ed) 2018, 23(5), 967–996;
Published: 1 January 2018

The leishmaniases represent a public health problem in under-developed countries and are considered a neglected disease by the World Health Organization (WHO). They are cuased by Leishmania parasites with different clinical manifestations. Currently, there is no vaccine, and treatment is in-efficient and is associated with both serious side effects often leading to resistance to the parasites. Thus, it is essential to search for new treatment strategies, such as drug repurposing, i.e., the use of drugs that are already used for other diseases. The discovery of new clinical applications for approved drugs is strategic for lowering the cost of drug discovery since human toxicity assays are already conducted. Here, we review a broad analysis of the different aspects of this approach for anti-leishmanial treatment.

Drug Repurposing
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