IMR Press / EJGO / Volume 42 / Issue 5 / DOI: 10.31083/j.ejgo4205143
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Clinical analysis of predisposing factors for radiation enteritis in patients with cervical cancer
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1 Department of Radiation Oncology, Anhui Provincial Cancer Hospital, The First Affiliated Hospital of USTC, Division of Life Sciences and Medicine, University of Science and Technology of China, 230031 Hefei, Anhui, China
Eur. J. Gynaecol. Oncol. 2021, 42(5), 951–956;
Submitted: 20 July 2021 | Revised: 31 July 2021 | Accepted: 25 August 2021 | Published: 15 October 2021

Objective: Radiation enteritis (RE) is one of the most common radiation-induced toxicities in patients with cervical cancer undergoing pelvic radiotherapy. This study aimed to evaluate predisposing factors for RE in patients with cervical cancer. Methods: In total, 414 patients with cervical cancer undergoing radiotherapy were retrospectively enrolled from Anhui Provincial Cancer Hospital. We collected data on age; body mass index; International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics stage (I–IV); histology; fasting blood glucose levels; chemotherapy regimen; radiation dose; and histories of hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and surgery. Univariate and multivariate Cox regression analyses were used to assess possible predisposing factors for RE. Results: Incidences of acute RE (ARE) and chronic RE (CRE) were 65.2% and 13.1%, respectively. No prior surgery, radiation dose 56 Gy, hypertension, and hyperglycemia were found to be independent risk factors for ARE (95% confidence interval [CI], p < 0.05). Hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and hyperglycemia were independent risk factors for CRE (95% CI, p 0.01). Significantly higher incidences of ARE (90.6% vs. 75.8%, p < 0.001) and CRE (62.5% vs. 21.2%, p = 0.001) were found in patients with diabetes mellitus and poor glucose control. Conclusions: To reduce the occurrence of RE in patients with cervical cancer, comorbidities such as diabetes mellitus, hyperglycemia, and hypertension should be controlled, along with consideration of treatment-related factors such as the radiotherapy method and total radiation dose.

Cervical cancer
Predisposing factors
Radiation enteritis
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