IMR Press / EJGO / Volume 40 / Issue 1 / DOI: 10.12892/ejgo4515.2019
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MMP7 and YKL-40 expressions in endometrial endometrioid carcinomas
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1 Pathology Laboratory, Adana City Training and Research Hospital, Yüreğir/Adana, Turkey
2 Pathology Department, School of Medicine, Mustafa Kemal University, Serinyol-Hatay, Turkey
3 Pathology Department, School of Medicine, Mersin University, Yenişehir-Mersin, Turkey
4 Gynecology and Obstetrics Department, School of Medicine, Mustafa Kemal University, Serinyol-Hatay, Turkey
Eur. J. Gynaecol. Oncol. 2019, 40(1), 123–129;
Published: 10 February 2019

Purpose of investigation: The expressions of YKL-40, MMP-7 and their relations with prognostic factors in endometrioid endometrial carcinomas (EEC) were investigated. Materials and Methods: Paraffin blocks of 50 patients diagnosed with EEC, 27 patients with endometrial hyperplasia, and 26 patients with normal cyclic endometrium were determined and the immunohistochemical staining (IHS) results of MMP-7 and YKL-40 antibodies were obtained. These results were compared with prognostic parameters with statistical evaluation. Results: Score 1 immunostaining was observed in 13 (26%), score 2 in 12 (24%), score 3 in 9 (18%), score 4 in 5 (10%) with MMP-7 in EEC. There was no MMP-7 expression in 9 (% 18) cases in carcinoma group. There was no statistically significant difference in proliferative and secretory phases in normal cycle group (p = 0.527). There was also no statistically significant difference between the non-typical and atypical hyperplasia/EIN cases (p = 0.42). Positive immunostaining was obtained in 15 (58%) of 26 normal cyclic endometrium, in 21 (78%) of 27 hyperplastic endometrium, in 19 (38%) of 50 EEC with YKL-40. The differences of YKL-40 expressions among all the groups were statistically significant (p =0.01)). MMP-7 and YKL-40 expressions were compared with clinicopathologic parameters in the carcinoma group and found no statistical significant difference (p > 0.05). Conclusion: The present findings were limited but suggested that MMP-7 and YKL-40 might play a role in tumor progression.

Endometrioid endometrial carcinoma
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