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The effect of 17β-estradiol and endothelin 1 on prostacyclin and thromboxane production in human endothelial cell cultures

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1 Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Tubingen
Clin. Exp. Obstet. Gynecol. 1993, 20(4), 203–206;
Published: 10 December 1993

The effect was investigated of endothelin 1 and 17β-estradiol on prostacyclin and thromboxane A2 production (determined as the stable metabolites 6-keto-PGF1α and thromboxane B2, respectively) in endothelial cell cultures obtained from veins of human umbilical cord. There was a statistically significant increase of 6-keto-PGF1α production with endothelin 1 at concentrations of 10-8 and 10-9 M [9.5 ± 1.1% and 7.2 ± 0.9%, (mean ± SD, n = 5), respectively] compared to basal production. In contrast, 17β-estradiol alone (10-6 and 10-8 M) had no effect. In the presence of 17β-estradiol (10-8 M) the stimulating effect of endothelin 1 (10-8 and 10-9 M) on 6-keto-PGF1α production was further enhanced to 60.0 ± 22.5% and 39.5 ± 22.1%, respectively, compared to basal values. With respect to thromboxane B2, no change in its production was observed by the addition of endothelin 1 and 17β-estradiol, alone or in combination in the concentrations mentioned above. These results indicate that 17β-estradiol potentiates the effects of endothelin 1 on prostacyclin production in human endothelial cells.

Human umbilical cord
Endothelin 1
Thromboxane A2
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