Editorial Board

  • Ridwan Shabsigh, MD
    Department of Urology, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, NY, USA
    Interests: Sexual dysfunctions; Peyronie’s disease; Testosterone therapy and benign prostatic hyperplasia; Prostate cancer; Penile prosthesis surgery
    Special Issues and Topics in IMR Press journals
  • Akira Tsujimura, MD
    Department of Urology, Juntendo University Urayasu Hospital, Tokyo, Japan
    Interests: Testosterone; LOH; Male infertility; Sexual function; Prostate
  • Aksam A. Yassin, MD, PhD
    Weill Cornell Medical School, New York, NY, USA; HamadMedical Corporation, Doha, Qatar; Department of Medicine and Health Sciences, Dresden International University, Dresden, Germany
    Interests: Sexual medicine; Endocrine forum and hormonal research; Prostate diseases and Metabolic disosders
Associate Editors
  • Thomas J. Guzzo, MD, MPH
    Penn Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Health System, Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine,Philadelphia, PA, USA
    Interests: Bladder cancer; Urology; Prostate cancer
  • Hyun Jun Park, MD, PhD
    Department of Urology, Pusan National University Hospital, Busan, Republic of Korea
    Interests: Sexual dysfunction; Male infertility; Prostate diseases; Hormonal disorders
  • Wi-Young So, PhD
    Sports Medicine, College of Humanities and Arts, Korea National University of Transportation, Chungbuk, Republic of Korea
    Interests: exercise science for adolescent; obese and elderly; epidemiology with physical activity; exercise training
    Special Issues and Topics in IMR Press journals
  • Alan J. Wein, MD, PhD
    Department of Urology, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA
    Interests: Lower urinary tract; Urinary incontinence; Lower urinary tract dysfunction; Prostate enlargement, Evaluation/management of prostate; Bladder and kidney cancer
  • Alan White, PhD
    School of Health and Community Studies, Leeds Beckett University, Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    Interests: Gendered epidemiology; Public health; Gender health; Men’s health and wellbeing
Editorial Board Members
  • Omar M. Aboumarzouk, PhD
    Department of Surgery, Hamad Medical Corporation, Doha, Qatar
    Interests: Urology
  • Turgay Akgul, MD
    Department of Urology, University of Health Sciences Ankara Education and Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey
    Interests: Andrology; Probiotics; Prostate diseases; Renal diseases; Urogenital oncology
  • Naif Alhathal, MD
    King faisal specialist hospital and research center, Riyadh, Saudi arabia
    Interests: Andrology; Male infertility; Sexual dysfunction; Minimally invasive procedures for prostate
  • Marco Aurélio Gouveia Alves, PhD
    Department of Anatomy, Institute of Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar & Unit for Multidisciplinary Research in Biomedicine, University of Porto, Porto, Portugal
    Interests: Andrology; Sperm physiology; OMICS and metabolic diseases; Sertoli cells
  • Mustafa Alwani, MD
    School of Medicine, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Irbid, Jordan
    Interests: Artificial intelligence
  • Alessandro Anselmo, MD, PhD
    Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery and Transplantation Unit, Policlinico Tor Vergata, Rome, Italy
    Interests: HPB Surgery; Liver and kidney transplants; Laparoscopy; Minimally invasive liver surgery; Liver tumors; Liver metastases; Pancreatic cancer
  • Sandro Rodrigues Batista, MD
    Department of Internal Medicina, School of Medicine, Federal University of Goias, Goiania, Brazil
    Interests: Chronic diseases; Primary care; Multimorbidity; Health systems research
  • Carlo Bettocchi, MD
    Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences, University of Foggia, Foggia, Italy
    Interests: Penile prosthesis; Peyronie’disease – surgery; Gender reassignement surgery
  • Rocco Salvatore Calabro, MD, PhD
    IRCCS Centro Neurolesi Bonino-Pulejo, Neurorehabilitation University, Messina, Italy
    Interests: Robot-aided neurorehabilitation; Disorders of consciousness; Neurosexology
  • Bruce B. Campbell, MD
    Division of Executive Health, Lahey Hospital and Medical Center, Burlington, MA, USA
    Interests: Men's Health and wellness; Preventive health
  • Onder Canguven, MD
    Department of Urology, Hamad General Hospital, Hamad Medical Corporation, Doha, Qatar
    Interests: Andrology; Urology
  • Francesco Cantiello, MD, PhD
    Department of Urology, University Magna Graecia of Catanzaro, Catanzaro, Italy
    Interests: new imaging methods; such as mpMRI and PET/CT; and new urinary and serum biomarkers in diagnosis; staging and re-staging of prostate cancer; impact of metabolic syndrome and each single metabolic components on onset and progression of benign prostatic hyperplasia and urological cancers; new serum and hematopoietic markers on superficial bladder cancer
  • Daniel Castillo, PhD
    Department of Didactics of Musical, Plastic and Corporal Expression, Faculty of Education, University of Valladolid, Soria, Spain
    Interests: new technologies; team sports; physical education; physical activity; health; soccer
  • Eric Chung, PhD
    Department of Urology, Princess Alexandra Hospital, University of Queensland, and AndroUrology Centre, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
    Interests: Penile and urinary reconstructive and prosthesis surgery; Andrology (male sexual and reproductive medicine); Voiding dysfunction; Ageing male
  • Eva Cifre, PhD
    Department of Social Psychology, Universitat Jaume I, Castellon, Spain
    Interests: gender identity; occupational health; emotional and mental health
    Special Issues and Topics in IMR Press journals
  • Giulia Collodel, PhD
    Department of Molecular and Developmental Medicine, University of Siena, Siena, Italy
    Interests: Male infertility
  • Alessandra Costanza, MD, PhD
    Faculty of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry, Geneva University (UNIGE), Geneva, Switzerland,Faculty of Medicine, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Swiss Italian University (USI), Lugano, Switzerland
    Interests: suicide; emergency psychiatry
  • Kelvin Davies, PhD
    Department of Urology, Department of Physiology and Biophysics, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY, USA
    Interests: Basic Science of Sexual Medicine (1) investigating mechanisms to facilitate cavernous/peripheral nerve regeneration as a treatment to erectile dysfunction following radical prostatectomy (2) the use of nanoparticles as a dermal delivery vehicle for various agents used to treat urogenital disease (3) the role of the MaxiK channel expressed in the urothelium in regulating overall bladder activity (4) the molecular mechanisms underlying the development of priapism associated with sickle cell disease (5) the role of the microbiome in the development of kidney stone disease and (6) the role of opiorphin in sperm motility (7) the mechanism of hyperglycemic memory in the diabetic bladder
  • Alfredo De Giorgi, MD
    Clinica Medica Unit, Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria, University of Ferrara, Cona, Italy
    Interests: ‪Internal medicine‬; Emergency medicine‬;‪ Cardiovascular disease; Dyslipidemia‬
  • Andrea Garolla, PhD
    Unit of Andrology and Reproductive Medicine, Department of Medicine, University of Padova, Padua, Italy
    Interests: Male reproduction and male infertility; Male sexual dysfunctions and disorders; Sexual transmittable diseases; Male HPV; Hypogonadism; Male osteoporosis
  • Badicu Georgian, MD
    Transilvania University of Brasov, Faculty of Physical Education and Mountain Sports, Department of Physical Education and Special Motricity
    Interests: Physical activity; Fitness; Education; Obesity; Diet; Well-being; Recreation; Football; Public health; Quality of life; Sports activities; Physical education; Didactic of physical education and sports; Sleep
    Special Issues and Topics in IMR Press journals
  • Igor Grabovac, MD, PhD
    Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, Center for Public Health, Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
    Interests: health behaviour; health behaviour modification; monitoring and prevention of HIV/AIDS; addiction and mental health issues among PLWHIV; primary prevention; issues of sexual and gender diversity; occupational medicine and health at work; issues of healthy aging
    Special Issues and Topics in IMR Press journals
    Special Issue in Cancer Prevention in Men
  • Antonio Hernández-Mendo, PhD
    Departamento de Psicología Social, T.S., A.S. y E.A.O, Universidad de Málaga, Málaga, España
    Interests: sport psychology; engagement in elite youth athletes; qualitative analysis; sports science; data analysis; methodology; assessment; exercise science; statistical analysis; exercise physiology; psychological assessment; biomechanics
  • Chee Kong (Christopher) Ho, MD
    School of Medicine, Taylor's University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Interests: Andrology; Men's health; Endourology
  • Sung Kyu Hong, MD, PhD
    Department of Urology, Seoul National University College of Medicine, Seoul, Republic of Korea/Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Seoul, Republic of Korea
    Interests: prostate cancer; robotic surgery
  • Ji-Sien (William ) Huang, MD, PhD
    Department of Urology, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan; Department of Urology, Department of Physiology, College of Medicine, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
    Interests: Andrology; Male infertility; Reproductive endocrinology
  • Hyunsik Kang, PhD
    College of Sport Science, Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon, Republic of Korea
    Interests: relationships of lifestyle risk factors and mental health issues such as cognitive impairment/dement and anxiety/depression; therapeutic roles of adopting a healthy lifestyle (including physical activity and fitness and nutrition) against mental health risk; molecular mechanisms underlying exercise training-induced health benefits for mental health conditions
    Special Issues and Topics in IMR Press journals
  • Bruce R. Kava, MD
    Department of Urology, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Miami, FL, USA
    Interests: Prostate and bladder cancer; Male and female sexual dysfunction
  • Jung-hoon Lee, PhD
    Department of Physical Therapy, Dong-eui University, Busan, Republic of Korea
    Interests: Rehabilitation and physiotherapy for musculoskeletal dosorders; Kinesiology taping; Cross taping; Balance control; Nerve entrapment syndrome; Othosis for misalignment; Measurement and evaluation
  • Myeong Soo Lee, PhD
    KM Science Research Division, Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine, Daejeon, Republic of Korea
    Interests: Evidence-based medicine for CAM (systematic review and meta-analysis); Standardization of diagnosis tool in traditional medicine; Clinical investigation of complementary therapies; Developing clinical practice guideline in traditional medicine; Objectifying the assessment of various diseases with oriental medical tools; Psycho-neuro-immunological effects of CAM (specifically qigong, tai chi, acupuncture)
  • Jeffrey J. Leow, MBBS, MPH
    Department of Urology, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore; Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; Division of Urology and Center for Surgery and Public Health, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA
    Interests: Health services research; Urology; Surgery; Genomics; Global health
  • Chien-Chang Liao, PhD
    School of Medicine, Taipei Medical University, Taiwan; Department of Anesthesiology, Shuan Ho Hospital, Taipei Medical University, Taiwan
    Interests: Epidemiology; Complications and mortality after surgery; Diabetes; Stroke
  • Min Liu, PhD
    Department of Pharmacy, National Cancer Center/National Clinical Research Center for Cancer/Cancer Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College, Beijing, China
    Interests: urologic oncology; cancer endocrine therapy; personalized treatment of prostate cancer
  • James R. Mahalik, PhD
    Department of Counseling, Developmental, and Educational Psychology, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA, USA
    Interests: conformity to masculinity norms; social influence variables; gender socialization; health behaviors associated with mental and physical health
  • Arik V. Marcell, MD, MPH
    Departments of Pediatrics and Population, Family & Reproductive Health, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA
    Interests: Young men’s health; Sexual and reproductive health; Access to care; Expectant fatherhood; Sexual and reproductive health care delivery
  • Daniel A. Marinho, PhD
    Research Center in Sports Sciences, Health Sciences and Human Development (CIDESD), University of Beira Interior, Covilhã, Portugal
    Interests: Biomechanics; Performance; Training; Computational fluid dynamics; Aquatics
    Special Issues and Topics in IMR Press journals
  • Suks Minhas, PhD
    Department of Urology, Charing Cross Hospital, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London, UK
    Interests: Andrology; Male infertility; Testicular cancer; Peyronie's disease; Micro dissection TESE; Penilereconstruction; Penile implants; Erectile dysfunction; Testis pain; Sexual dysfunction in men; Penile problems; Treatments for male fertility
  • Du Geon Moon, MD, PhD
    Department of Urology, Korea University College of Medicine, Seoul, Republic of Korea
    Interests: Sexual function in male and female; Pediatric urology; Enuresis and nocturia; Laser in prostate and endoscopic surgery; Regenerative medicine
  • Allen F. Morey, MD
    Department of Urology, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX, USA
    Interests: Hemostatic agents; Tissues glues; Urethral reconstruction; Urologic prosthetics; Urologic trauma
  • Brian J. Morris, ScD, PhD
    School of Medical Sciences, The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia
    Interests: circumcision; renin-angiotensin system; hypertension genetics; healthy aging; longevity genetics
  • Richard Naspro, MD
    Head of the Department of Urology, Fondazione IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo, Pavia, Italy
    Interests: Minimally invasive urological surgery (Laparoscopy, Robotics and laser technology); Urological oncology (bladder, kidney and prostate cancer); Surgical management of BPH
  • Zeyad D. Nassar, PhD
    Adelaide Medical School, The University of Adelaide, Adelaide, SA, Australia
    Interests: Prostate cancer; Metabolism; Drug design; Angiogenesis
  • Chirk Jenn Ng, MD
    Department of Primary Care Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Interests: Men's health behaviour; Digital health; Shared decision making; Implementation science
  • Pantelis Nikolaidis, PhD
    School of Health and Caring Sciences, University of West Attica, Athens, Greece
    Interests: exercise physiology; exercise testing; kinesiology
  • MiMi Oh, MD
    Department of Urology, Korea University College of Medicine, Seoul, Republic of Korea
    Interests: Urology; Dysuresia
  • Hiroshi Okada, PhD
    Department of Urology, Dokkyo Medical University Saitama Medical Center, Koshigaya, Japan
    Interests: Male infertility; Sperm function; Spermatogenesis; Aging; Erectile dysfunction
  • Takeshi Otsuki, PhD
    Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences, Ryutsu Keizai University, Ibaraki, Japan
    Interests: Exercise training for cardiovascular disease prevention
    Special Issues and Topics in IMR Press journals
  • Sung-Un Park, PhD
    Department of Sports and Health, Hwasung Medi-Science University, Hwaseong, Republic of Korea
    Interests: sport in society; health behavior; sports organizations; taekwondo research; research methods
    Special Issues and Topics in IMR Press journals
  • Maria Graça Pereira, MD
    Department of Applied Psychology, School of Psychology, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal
    Interests: Chronic illness; Health promotion; Family health psychology; Integrated care
    Special Issues and Topics in IMR Press journals
  • Davor Plavec, MD, PhD
    Research Department, Srebrnjak Children's Hospital, Zagreb, Croatia; Medical Faculty, University JJ Strossmayer, Osijek, Croatia
    Interests: Sports medicine; Occupational health; CPET; Lung function diagnostics; Allergy; Pulmonology
  • Yacov Reisman, MD, PhD, FECSM, ECPS
    Flare-Health, Amstelveen, Netherlands
    Interests: Sexual dysfunctions; Oncosexology
    Special Issues and Topics in IMR Press journals
  • Scott Duane Rhodes, PhD, MPH
    Department of Social Science and Health Policy, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC, USA
    Interests: latinos/hispanics; immigration; sexual behavior; infections diseases; community-engaged research; intervention science
  • Hugo Sarmento, PhD
    Faculty of Sport Sciences and Physical Education, University of Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal
    Interests: health; diabetes; non communicable diseases; physical activity; exercise; mental health; obesity; overweight; body composition; sports; performance
    Special Issues and Topics in IMR Press journals
  • Damir Sekulic, PhD
    Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Split, Split, Croatia
    Interests: physical fitness; biomechanics; sports science; exercise science; exercise performance; strength & conditioning; athletic performance; exercise testing; sport physiology
  • Ahmad Shabsigh, MD
    Department of Urology, the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, Columbus, OH, USA
    Interests: Urologic oncology; Quality and safety; Sexual medicine
  • Giuseppe Simone, PhD
    IRCCS “Regina Elena” National Cancer Institute, Rome, Italy
    Interests: Uro-oncology; Minimally invasive surgery
  • Shio Kumar Singh, PhD
    Department of Zoology, Institute of Science, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India
    Interests: Male reproductive biology
  • Armin Soave, MD
    Department of Urology, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, 20246 Hamburg, Germany
    Interests: Andrology; Sexual medicine; Erectile dysfunction; Sexual dysfunction; Male infertility; Peyronie′s disease; Male hypogonadism
  • Bogdan Socea, MD
    Department of Surgery, Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest, Romania
    Interests: Public health; Pancreatic cancer; Acute pancreatitis; Abdominal compartment syndrome; FAST, POCUS and pulmonary ultrasound; Digestive tumors; Abdominal wall defects: hernias and incisional hernias
  • Martin Stimpfel, PhD
    Department of Human Reproduction, Division of Gynaecology, University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Slajmerjeva 3, Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Interests: Infertility; Assisted reproductive techniques; In vitro fertilization; Stem cells
  • Hui-Meng Tan, MD
    Subang Jaya Medical Centre, Subang Jaya, Malaysia
    Interests: Urology; Men's Health; Sexual medicine; Endourology; Uro-oncology
  • Wei Shen Tan, PhD
    Division of Surgery and Interventional Science, University College London, London, UK
    Interests: Uro-oncology; Bladder cancer; Prostate cancer; Kidney cancer; Robotic surgery
  • Chang Peng (Colin) Teo, MD
    National University of Singapore, Singapore city, Sigapore
    Interests: Andrology; Prostate cancer; BPH; Kidney stones
  • Chin Hai Teo, PhD
    University of Malaya eHealth Unit,Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Interests: Men's health; eHealth; Behaviour change; Epidemiology
  • Taohsin Tung, PhD
    Evidence-based Medicine Center, Taizhou Hospital of Zhejiang Province affiliated to Wenzhou Medical University, Linhai, Zhejiang, China
    Interests: Clinical epidemiology; Biostatistics; Disease screening and medical law
  • Vincent VINH-HUNG, PhD
    University Hospital of Martinique, Martinique, France
    Interests: Colorectal cancer; Prostate cancer; Breast cancer; Oropharyngeal cancer; Lung cancer; Head and neck cancer
  • Richard J. Wassersug, PhD
    Department of Cellular & Physiological Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Interests: Castration; Emasculation; Prostate cancer; Gender theory; Sexology; Androgen deprivation therapy; Estrogen; Transgenderism
  • Xuezhen Yang, MD, PhD
    Executive Vice Chair, Department of Urology, The Second Affiliated Hospital of Bengbu Medical College, China
    Interests: Basic research of prostate cancer; Minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment of urinary system diseases
  • Jiuhong Yuan, MD
    Andrology Laboratory, West China Hospital, Sichuan University, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
    Interests: Andrology; Men's health; Sexual function; Infertility
    Special Issues and Topics in IMR Press journals
  • Xianqin Zhang, MD
    College of Life Science and Technology and Center for Human Genome Research, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, Hubei, China
    Interests: identification of disease-causing genes and molecular mechanism study of neurological diseases; auto-inflammation diseases; other single-gene disorders
  • Liye Zou, PhD
    Exercise Psychophysiology Laboratory, Institute of KEEP Collaborative Innovation, School of Psychology, Shenzhen University, Shenzhen, China
    Interests: lifestyle behaviors and well-being
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