22 November 2021
Neuronal Circuits

18–21 March 2020

Abstract Deadline: 10 January 2020


Gwyneth Card, HHMI Janelia Farm Research Campus

Florian Engert, Harvard University

Fritjof Helmchen, Brain Research Institute, Switzerland

Vanessa Ruta, The Rockefeller University

Call for NominationsLarry Katz Memorial Lecture - deadline to submit: 15 January 2020

We are pleased to announce the eighth Cold Spring Harbor conference on Neuronal Circuits, which will begin at 7:30 pm on Wednesday, 18 March and run through lunch on Saturday, 21 March 2020.

A comprehensive description of neuronal circuitry, an old dream of neuroscientists, is about to become a reality with recent technological advances. As these advances have been made in different model organisms and systems, there is a need for a forum where neuroscientists studying various neuronal circuits could exchange ideas.

This CSHL meeting will allow for neuroscientists working on neuronal circuits in a wide range of model organisms, from invertebrates to mammals, to come together and discuss their research. Contributions from research, centered on neuronal circuits involving anatomical, physiological, theoretical and behavioral approaches, will be encouraged.


·  Technology

·  Innate Behaviors

·  Learned Behaviors

·  Internal States

·  Social Behaviors

·  Controlling Behavior

·  Goal Directed Behavior

For more information:https://meetings.cshl.edu/meetings.aspx?meet=CIRCUITS&year=20

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