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Breast carcinoma metastasizing to the uterus

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1 Institute of hysto-anatomo-pathology of University of Trieste, Italy
2 Division of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Institute for Childhood of Trieste, Italy
Eur. J. Gynaecol. Oncol. 1985, 6(3), 211–217;
Published: 10 October 1985

Metastases from mammary carcinoma represent the principal cause of exitus in 45% of subjectes dead from this neoplasia. Also if they are are not not f trequent, utenne metastases f trom mammary carcmoma are not very rare to find at the autopsy (2-15% as various Authors report). In this study, the Authors present 17 cases (1 bioptic and 16 autoptic cases) of uterine meta­stases from breast carcinoma. The histological examination confirms a more frequent involvement of the uterine corpus, with infiltration of the myometrium. When the endometrium is affected, generally the neoplasia infiltrates the stroma, preserving the glandular architecture. In one case, the uterine metastase was asso­ciated with 3 fibroleiomyoma. The clinical symptmatology (metrorrhagia in 3 of 17 cases) was poor because, as we have said above, generally the neoplasia infiltrates the myometrium.

Uterine metastases
Breast carcinoma
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