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Interferons and their receptors in human papillomavirus lesions of the uterine cervix

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1 Institute of *Pathological Anatomy and Histology, Siena (Italy)
2 General Physiology, Obstetrics and Gynecology of the University of Siena, Siena (Italy)
3 Obstetrics and Gynecology of the University of Siena, Siena (Italy)
Eur. J. Gynaecol. Oncol. 2002, 23(2), 145–150;
Published: 10 April 2002

Purpose of investigation: In this study we analyzed the immunohistochemical expression of specific types of interferon (IFN) in human papillomavirus (HPV) associated cervical lesions. Methods: Reactivity to anti-IFN-α, -β and -γ and to anti-IFN-α/β- and γ-receptors was tested in 33 cervical punch biopsies from 24 HPV-infected women and nine healthy controls. The HPV-infected cases were subdivided into low-risk and high-risk groups, according to the known “oncogenic” potential of the HPV-types detected by PCR. Results: Cervical epithelium and stroma in HPV-negative as well as low-risk HPV-positive samples were diffusely stained by anti IFN-α, Band γ antibodies. In contrast, a significantly lower percentage of high-risk HPV-infected tissues was immunoreactive to IFN­β in the stroma and IFN-y in the epithelium. There were no relevant differences between control and HPV cases in the expression of IFN-receptors. Conclusion: We show that a decreased production of some specific classes of IFN is associated with high-risk-type HPV lesions suggesting an important role of IFN distribution patterns in the pathogenesis of HPV lesions.

Uterine Cervix
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