Paper Promotion Tips

Now that your article has been published, you can promote it to make a bigger impact with your research. 

Sharing your research accomplishments and goals with a wider audience makes you more visible in your field. This helps you get cited more often, develop a stronger reputation, promote your research and move forward in your career. 

As your publisher, we are committed to ensuring that your research makes an impact by reaching as wide and diverse an audience as possible. Working in partnership with you means we can achieve an even greater impact. 

Sharing research is an important part of the research process. This simple guide will help you share your research more broadly. 

Get an Electronic Version of the Link

You can get an electronic version of the link that you can share with your colleagues and friends who can then read your work for free. You can share this electronic link to any platform you like.

By clicking on the electronic version of the link, the reader can directly open the article published in IMR Press journals. In this way, every download (and citation) will be recorded, making the impact of your work evident at a glance.

Link Share

  • Share the article link directly with your colleagues and peers.
  • Add a link to your article in your email signature.
  • Update your personal and institutional websites by adding the title of your article and a link to it.
  • Share your work on Reddit, as there is plenty of good science content on this platform.

Social Media 

Various social platforms are increasingly popular tools amongst researchers, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Such platforms provide a convenient way for researchers to discuss developments in their field and to post about their latest publication. By others talking about your article in this way, it can greatly increase the awareness and number of readers. This is also a good way to reach media outlets and for journalists to pick up on newsworthy research.

Academic Research-Sharing Platforms 

  • Set up your profile on academic research-sharing platforms, such as  ResearchGate,, Google Scholar, or Reserachmap (Japan) and add a short summary of your article.
  • Register an ORCID author identifier and add the article information to your profile. This has many advantages and can help you to be more visible in the research community.
  • Deposit your article in repositories (such as those run by your university) to make your research more accessible.


  • Present your publication at conferences in the form of an oral presentation or a poster.

Tell People on Your Blog 

  • If you blog, don’t forget to tell your readers about your latest article.


  • Find a Wikipedia page on a topic related to your article and add a reference to your paper.


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