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IMR Press provides publishing services and solutions for academic and professional organizations as well as individual authors. The main journals currently published by IMR Press include various journals related to neuroscience, cardiovascular, molecular and clinical research. Most of these journals are indexed by scientific citation indexing, MEDLINE, BIOSIS Previews, Inspec, Biological Abstracts, Abstracts, SCOPUS, etc.

Why publish with us

· Open access

open access which means it's free to access from anywhere in the world, and licensed for reuse. As well as being published on our website, your research will be available on Google Scholar, PubMed Central, Medline, Scopus and all other major full-text repositories, with journals indexed in these repositories as early as possible.

· Speed

We offer fast publication while providing rigorous peer review to maintain the integrity of information. Our times from submission to first decision vary depending on the journal, but once your content is accepted it will be published online shortly afterwards. As your article will be open access, it will be immediately and freely available and reusable without restriction.


· Quality

We are committed to the highest standards of peer review. The Editorial Board of each journal determines their peer review policy, while maintaining our high standards.


· Visibility

We're committed to promoting your research as widely as we can and providing as much visibility and exposure for your article as possible. We have a dedicated press team who work with global media to highlight research of interest to the public and science media, regularly leading to extensive coverage in the press. We also ensure your research is easy to find and cite, making your ideas and knowledge accessible to other researchers, communities and institutions around the world.


· Retain copyright

Authors will retain copyright alongside scholarly usage rights and IMR press will be granted publishing and distribution rights.


· Publishing Ethics

Our journals adhere to COPE and ICMJE guidelines and we have clear, defined policies. Everything you may want to know about our policies on copyright, permissions, archiving and data can be found on our Rights and Permissions page.

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